FAQs & Safety

Our Rules

You can rest assured that we abide by all of the IATP and ASTM safety standards. High Elevations Trampoline Park’s staff members are strategically placed throughout the park to ensure park rules are being followed and to assist in industry standard jumping practices. Our staff members monitor our courts and have the right to remove a jumper if they fail to adhere to the rules.

  • Do not attempt somersaults landing on the head or neck may cause serious injury, paralysis or death, even when landing in the middle of the mat.
  • Do not double bounce.
  • Do not sit or lie on the court if you are tired and need to rest, you must exit the court.
  • Clothes must be free of hanging zippers, belts and strings. Please remove all jewelry. Please empty your pockets and remember no gum or candy allowed.
  • Flips and other tricks are dangerous and are not allowed at any time.
  • Be aware and considerate of those around you. Jump with people that are of similar size.
  • Do not climb on walls or netting and do not touch basketball apparatus.
  • Do not use a trampoline when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • No tackling, pushing, or participating in any other activity that may unnecessarily interfere with the jumping or concentration of another participant. No running/relay races across trampolines.
  • Only one person at a time on a trampoline.  Use by more than one person at the same time can result in serious injuries.
  • Jumpers should stay in the center of the trampoline when jumping. Injury may result from hitting the padded frame when control is lost. Do not jump directly onto the safety pad.
  • Improper transfer from trampoline to trampoline or from trampoline to padding or deck can result in broken ankles or other injuries. Please walk from the trampoline to decking areas.
  • Jumping with a foreign object can also increase the chances of getting injured. This includes keys, phones and cameras.

The list above is not all-inclusive and we cannot list all of the activities that may lead to injury. Please consult a physician prior to jumping regarding all medical conditions including, but not limited to; asthma, diabetes, pregnancy, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Do I have to sign a waiver every time I jump or my kid(s) jump?

A: No. Waivers are good for up to one year after you sign your first wavier.

Q: Does everyone have to wear your socks to jump?

A: Yes. Our slip proof Glow Socks are required to jump every time you enter

the Trampoline Park. Glow Socks are reusable so you only have to purchase them once.

Price of Glow Socks is $3.00

Q: Can I bring my own food and drink for Open Jump and Birthday Parties?

A: No. There are no outside food and beverages permitted in the park. However, if you book a party, you are permitted to bring your own birthday cake or cupcakes to suit your parties needs. We supply the rest!

Q: Do parents have to pay to jump with their kids? And if so, what is the price?

A: Yes. If parents choose to jump, they have to pay the same price as children. However, if parents choose not to jump, they can stand with their kids and watch at no charge!

Q: How old do you have to be to jump? Are there things to do for my toddler?

A: There is no age requirement however we recommend if your child can walk, your child can jump! We offer a dedicated area for children under the age of 5 so they aren’t jumping with the older kids. Toddler’s can use all the facilities the park and are not limited to just the children’s area!

Q: Can I buy my jump tickets or book my Birthday Party on line?

A: Absolutely! We highly recommend you purchase your tickets on line to guarantee your jump time. Birthday parties can be booked on line as well. If you are having difficulty booking a specific date or time for a party or open jump, chances are it is unavailable at that time.

Q: Can I print my waiver on line and bring it in?

A: No. All waivers must be done either on line or in person. This deters minors from filling out their own waivers which is against our policy.